Uganda 09&15

Calvary Chapel Bible College- Kampala

Slideshow from our time in Uganda, Africa! CHECK IT OUT!!!

Dec 2008

Merry Christmas to each of you! Bonnie and I count our blessings each and every day. We ALL have so much to be thankful for. For Jesus, loving us so much to come, die, and rise again, that we all may have abundant and eternal life if we receive His gift! For all our friends, and their prayers and support. And, for our family. It has been so great to be with our kids, our parents, and our siblings. In this regard, we have a special announcement! As of Friday, Dec 19, our son Danny is now ENGAGED to Sarah Beck! It was their 3rd anniversary of dating. We are elated; Sarah has always been special in our hearts! Summer may be their big day.

We are back in California! Soon we will be flying to Uganda to teach at another Calvary Chapel Bible College until mid June. Africa  sounds like a great opportunity. The students are almost all Africans, many are pastors and leaders in their churches. Fortunately, they speak English there. I will be teaching, helping with administration, discipling, leading a bible study, and filling in preaching and teaching. Bonnie will also teach, head up a new ‘pastors wives’ fellowship, as well as discipling and hospitality.

Hopefully we will see many of you before we go. Most of January we will be in Santa Barbara, and we would love to get together, or at least talk. We would also be happy to come teach or share at your bible study group. We arrive in SB on Dec 30, helping at CC Santa Barbara, our home church, for missions Sunday, Jan 4, and will be at the annual CC Missions Conf., Jan. 5-8 in Murrieta Hot Springs.

Again, thanks to all for your friendship, prayers, encouragement and support. God has also provided temporary housing for us in January. Keep sending your prayer requests, we pray together every morning, and like to include you.

PS. Please pray for a place to store our car while we are gone. Thanks!

February 11, 2009

Greetings in Jesus Christ, our Lord, hopefully yours too! Hakuna mungu kama Jehovah- There is no God like Jehovah!

We have had a great start (3 days) to Africa. The missionaries and locals have been so warm. They are such a sweet people. Tonight after service I got to pray with 4 people, so cool! Hopefully our smiles in the photos (see below) reflect our joy! We are also happy to report, the weather is very nice, almost perfect, day and evening! We arrived Sunday am, and made it to the 3rd service (basically no jetlag). Fabulous worship! The church seems so healthy and is over 800 adults! 6 others have been planted too.

We have been learning to take the small buses (20-60 min ride). But, walking in the streets, one risks their life! You run, looking all directions, and I almost had my foot run over. Total chaos! Pray for safety/wisdom. Kampala is 3 million, so it is big. It reminds us of a mix of PNG and Mexico.  We sleep under a mosquito net. The food has been wonderful, but we have been getting spoiled by our hostess, Lynne, the pastor’s wife. We will move in with Josh, the director of the bible college,  on Friday. Local food is rice, beans, potatoes, casava, fruit, and G nuts, which are like small peanuts.

School orientation starts this Sunday, so we are preparing for classes. We are excited to meet more of the students, and begin pouring the Word, and our love into their lives.

We love you and thank you so much for all your prayers! Thanks too, for those of you who support us as well (we will know who you are in about a week!).  We are YOUR missionaries, serving Him together, and we are humbled to be His ambassadors!

Feb 18, 2009

So, we wanted to give you an idea what it is like living here. Well, that is not possible, but we can try, ok?
We live with Josh, the director, cool guy, in a nice 3 bed house. Tile floors, high ceilings, electricity, toilets, we are styling! Agnus comes 3x a week to do cleaning (roads are mostly dirt and dust). She can hardly call us Bonnie and Jeff, but madam and sir! We have 2 dogs, Simba, a German, and Biscuit, about 50 lbs, and Tiger the cat. About 5 goats live next to the house. Yes we have cockroaches, but not big ones. We do have internet. We drink only bottled water. Now shopping and cooking are another story. Bonnie had a wild cooking day recently. Using the blender the first time, it leaked and spit all over… then, trying to bake in the oven (celius) she checked, but a breeze blew out the oven, but she did not know it, oh boy… later, the water had gone off, so when it goes back on, it is eratic, and spits on you! Then she tried a pressure cooker, but opened it too early, but eventually the beans and meat turned out!

Getting to church/school can be a riot! If there is no room on the road, no worries, drive on the sidewalk!
In the bus tonight on the way home, we could have touched 5 other buses just reaching out the window, now that is tight! Walking to the bus is like being in an Indiana Jones movie! And yes, I sat next to a guy with his chicken on the bus! Did I tell you there are birds as big as I am here? They seem like pterodactyls!

So, at night, we feel safe. We have a wall surround the entire house, with razor wire on the top. There are lights on surrounding the house too. The windows and doors have heavy duty bars on everyone, and the dogs are out all night. Oh, Francis comes at 7pm and guards until morning!

Oh Valentine’s we had no plans, but we moved the day before, so we could walk to a Chinese restaurant! It was good! Afterward I was asked if I wanted a massage, oh boy, time to go!

I must say, the people here are so great. Nice, warm, and really want to walk with Jesus. I am sure we will learn more from them than we can teach.

Until the whole world knows!


Wasazze Otya, (Good Morning in Lugandan)

Hope you are all doing well. We appreciate all your letters and support and love you have been sending! What an incredible few weeks we have had here in Uganda! The ministry is clicking! Our classes have been going great. In fact we keep getting more students signing up each week. I have been enjoying getting to know the gals by having them over for lunch, dinner or baking together. We had a Bible College BBQ on Sunday and the students loved the balloon and artists imagination games. We got so many thanks you notes this week from the students saying how much fun they had, we will have another one soon.
I have been enjoying discipling a few gals each week and doing the pastor’s wives bible study. Jeff has been playing “football”, soccer each week with the young guys and gives a message afterwards. Several have gotten saved!, and even came to church last week. He is at a elementary school right now doing the chapel service for 150 children ages 8-13, many prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts! Jeff and I will be starting a Sunday school class this week end and we were stoked to have 67 signed up and the room only holds 50. We’ll be cozy! We’re looking forward to meeting and challenging them each week. We are also be helping out with the married couples bible study as well on Sunday evenings.
I really enjoyed going to the orphanage. The babies were 0-3 years old. There are 50 of them  and they are all so darling. They are all adoptable if any of you are interested! See photos. They all melted my heart! They find them in buses, on the side of the road or ?

One photo sez, Sarah’s Hotel, which is Danny’s finance.

Josh, the director of the bible college, who we lived with, got a call this week that his wife had their baby at 27 weeks. She was in the UK and now is needing prayer. We are living alone now and learning how to do all the household duties (dogs, cat, night guard, house girl, even just driving on these roads to get to the store for food and water is a challenge). See traffic photo. It is crazy here. We also will help out in many ways with the bible college in his absence.
We are so excited that our daughter Monica will be here on Wed! Just a few days! We are going to take her to the orphanage, show the Jesus film in a near by village, go to an international school and a Ugandan elementary school (since she wants to be a teacher) and also go on a 3 day camping safari trip. All our students can’t wait to meet her too!
So many of you have asked how can you pray for us? Please pray for us as we minister here to our students and church members. Jeff lost his voice the past 3 days, speaking/leading worship for over 10 hours! Pray for Josh, Natalie and their new baby girl. Pray for our time with Monica that we would get to minister together in the places we take her. Please pray for our studio to be rented in our home in S.B. It is available April 1st. Also pray for our finances. We have had good one time gifts but very few monthly supporters. If God directs you in this way until mid June, it would really help out the ministry. We really appreciate all of you who have given in this tough economy. May god bless you as you pour into His people through us here in Uganda.
We feel so blessed to have so many of you write us and respond to our letters by either email or face book. We feel very loved and please do send us your prayer requests because we are praying for you too!

21 Mar 2009
Just as quick note to say THANKS for praying, we have had an amazing past few days!
Monica arrived Wed am. At the clinic where she got her shots (much cheaper here), while waiting, I got to pray w/ Evans to receive Jesus! We hope to see him and his family at church tomorrow. On Thur. after spending 4 hours at a school, we went out in teams of 3, inviting folks to the Jesus film in a slum. Several got saved while just inviting people, including 2 men I got to lead to a saving relationship w/ Jesus! The movie went well, no rain! Nehemiah, a graduate of the Bible college lives there, shared his testimony. Several hundred came, I shared the ‘good news’ after, and between 50-100 got saved!  We are praying for a follow up bible study, led by Nehemiah! Fri am we went to another school (I went last week too) to do the chapel for about 150 kids. Bonnie and Monica also spoke and helped with worship- oh, it sounded so sweet! More kids prayed to have Jesus be the Lord of their life! On the way home on the bus, I was talking to Alex, a university student, who even had a photo of Jesus in his cell. I asked him when he asked Jesus into his life. He had not! I shared the 4 Spiritual Laws with him, and he was ready, and we prayed. We got off right next to church, so he knows where our church is! Last night I taught 3 hours, 4 more hours today, and 1.5 tomorrow, pray my voice holds out as I do plenty of worship too!
We love you, thanks for being a part of this ministry.

27 Apr 2009
Greetings Mukwanos (friends),

Wow, it has been a crazy good last few weeks. You have been praying! Thanks! I will give you the short and long version of it. I know we all get busy! Try and read the long version later if possible. Also, will attach a few pics!


– outreach to Bwera, Kasese was fabulous, over 500 adults, and over 1000 kids saved!
– Rwanda trip was good, nice to see ‘old’ friends, and good ministry too. Kigali is like Europe!
– Our studio rented the day we left! Not vacant for a day! Praise Him! Now pray for house to rent please!
– Support- God continues to provide.
– Baby Gemma continues to grow and should be released from hospital in May, not June.
– Housesitting. God has provided until July 27! We are still looking for about 1 more month.
Long Version

Our team of 12 took public transport (Bonnie and I spent about 36 hours on bus’ for both trips). Bonnie and I learned how to say “good day” in the local language, and went for a run. This is by the Congo border (we did cross), and many kids had never seen a Mzungu (white) before, some were very afraid too. They would laugh w/ unbelief as we spoke their language. By time I got home I had 30 kids following me! Wondering what to do, I had an idea! Share Jesus. A teen on a bike who spoke both languages was there, and translated as I told a story and lead them all in prayer! Later we went to all their homes and shared with their parents too. In the am we would go to homes and public places in 2’s or 3’s, and share the ‘gospel’. Usually while sharing with one, 2 or even 7 would gather around! More would receive Jesus than not! Even Muslim’s got saved! In the afternoon, we would do a ‘crusade’: songs, testimony, message w/ invitation. After this we had the Jesus film and others we would show, every night. Those over 18 we got contact info for follow up. It was amazing! We only got rained out one night, right in the middle. Again, over 500 adults, and more than 1000 kids saved. On Sunday we started Calvary Chapel Bwera, w/ one of our Bible College graduates, and his pregnant wife, who are from the area. We are praying for 2 others to partner with him, as he also has a full time job w/ Habitat for Humanity. We also went to a hospital, prison, and several schools. One High School was to have an optional service for the 700 kids. When we arrived they were on a break, and ALL came to hear us. Almost 50 of them walked forward in front of all their peers to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord. So much more …. see pics.

Kigali, Rwanda is beautiful, more like Europe, clean, less crowded, landscaped. Tom and Lori Wheeler, friends for 20 yrs live and serve there. I got to speak 4 times, and Bonnie 3x in schools, churches, and HIV homes. The geneocide was 15 years ago this month.

I woke up at 5am to check my email before our 5:45 departure, and the studio was rented! We did not get as much as hoped for it, but the tenant seems fantastic! Pray for a tenant for the house by June 10 please!
Support, every month God surprizes us w/ blessings in this area. We do not have many consistant people, but He is providing. Thank you! We hope plan to continue as missionaries so, as God speaks to you, we appreciate the support. (We do not need monthly support for 10 weeks while home in summer, but any that does come in helps with transportation costs.)

Again, we are praying for many of you, so continue to send your requests! The adult class, Married Couples, Pastors Wives, and CCBC classes all continue, with plenty of other teaching opportunites as well. We could not be here without your prayers and support, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I wanted to end with an email from a Ugandan friend; we are so honored to serve JESUS!


Hello Pastor Jeff,

I want to use this opportunity to write to you and say thank you. I
have had time to read thru’ the notes you always mail from the David, Genesis, and Calvary Chapel Distinctives classes, and have been greatly blessed. Your practical applications are so engaging and helpful. Indeed they are ingredients for Christian Maturity.

Pastor as you have noticed, I have not attended these classes justbecause time has not been on my side due to some business obligations, however, I have greatly benefited from the mere interaction with you and your wife. Your parental approach, has been of great impact not only on me but on most of the brethren at Calvary though many will not notice it right away.

May the Lord Jesus Christ greatly bless you as you continue being a
blessing to us @ Calvary Chapel Kampala.

Yours self appointed son in the faith,

24 May 2009
Wabucheari (Good day in Lugwonzo)

Short Version
– lots of preaching, teaching and salvations! Pray.
– Bonnie encouraging other women! Can you imagine?
– Where next semester and next year?
– We are in Santa Barbara June 13!
– Kids are good, Monica going on Mission trip!
– We need house sitting July 23- end of Aug in SB?
– Lost our free storage, anyone have space in SLO or SB?

We have been praying so much for those of you in Santa Barbara
these past 2 weeks with the fire! Many of you had to evacuate and you
were in our prayers. Now, there are 3 weeks left at the Bible College.
It has been a great 3 weeks since our last letter. Jeff preached at a
CC village church in Entebbe. 10 people got saved! & we were amazed to
pray with people for over an hour afterwards. There was a youth
conference for 100 teens the next day that Jeff also spoke at as well.
Our church has a youth retreat in the forest this weekend that we will
be going to and speaking also. Pray for Jeff as we will come home
early Sunday morning and he will preach at a local church in Kampala.
These are only some opportunities.
I have been enjoying challenging my girls I meet with each week
to continue on discipling other gals after I leave. They are so open;
one of the gals just started a weekly bible study with her family and
cousins who are so close to coming to know Jesus. The people in Uganda
are very open and we use every opportunity to witness to them. One of
the best places is in the taxi (15 seat van). We have a ½ hour ride
each way to town and a few weeks ago I met a gal who is the chef at
the local Hotel near our house. We have become friends and have
started a bible study for the employees of the hotel. There were 12
who came and one asked Jesus into his life at our first study. Will
you pray for this outreach and one of our bible college graduates who
will take it over after we leave.
We will really miss our students and church friends. Would you pray
for us as we decide where to teach next semester? Ensenada, Mexico
Bible College has asked us to come teach and we also hope to come back
to Uganda. Pray that God would lead us in His timing please.
Thanks to those of you who have given to us! Although we don’t have
solid consistent base of supporters, God continues to provide and we
thank Him and you! Please consider summer support optional, any will
be used for travel and one time expenses.
We will be home June 13th and begin working at the café on the
15th. We have house sitting from June 13th- July 23rd. We need housing
till the end of Aug. If you know of anyone or you are leaving, we
would love to stay and take care of your home or pets. Let us know!
Thank you for praying for our children! Danny will finish his
course work at Cal Poly and needs to do an internship in Sports
Management fall quarter. Pray for a great place to do that. Sarah, his
fiancé, moved to Napa area for her internship this quarter and will
live there till they get married on Aug 21st. We are so excited for
the big day! Monica is planning to leave for Costa Rica on June 11th
for a mission trip, Lord willing, all her finances come in, she has a
long way to go! Thanks for those of you helping her out! Please pray
as she trusts God these last 3 weeks. She will be taking finals and
moving into a new place for next year. She will get her teaching
credential next year. We arrive 2 days after she leaves so please pray
God will give her strength for it all without her parents!
Our last 2 requests are storage for all our things, we have been
using Monica’s garage in SLO these last 18 months. If you know of a
place it would save us from renting a place in SLO ($135 mo). And
lastly our house is up for rent on June 10th. God provided a great
renter for our studio. Pray that it will rent, we have someone
interested and looking at it this weekend.
Again, we appreciate all of you who support us financially and
through prayer. We have had an amazing time in Uganda! Thank you for
being part of our team! We love you all and thanks for all your emails
and prayer requests. Keep them coming! Can’t wait to see you this

June 10, 2009

Sula buloungi mzungu’s (good evening white people- or anyone not black),
– We love it in Uganda, why?
– Next stop is Mexico!
– Kids are great, Monica off to Costa Rica! Danny gets internship!
– We need house sitting July 23- Aug 24 in SB.
– Lost our free storage, anyone have space in SLO or SB for a year or ?

We will be home not long after you open this. We love this place, even though…
– I have not had a warm shower since April.
– Walking around downtown is crazy, Bonnie has been pick pocketed 2x.
– Chickens, dogs, and cats wake us up many nights at all hours. Mosquitos
– We lived without internet for 3 weeks, and often go without power –
never more than 24 hours. (and have received many ‘shut off’ notices
from elec company).

So, why do we love this place? The people are so cool! A report just
came out, Uganda is the 12th most peaceful country in the world (not
downtown!), but the 4th most corrupt. So, they smile when they steal
yer stuff! But, these folks are the real deal!

May I share this past week, which has been a fairly typical past few days?
Friday- getting ready for my 3 hour evening class on Genesis. Get a
call from a local hotel, can I come teach a Bible Study to the
employees at 3pm? Sure, why not? We had been a few times before, but
some Fridays they are very busy. Then I catch the taxi/bus to town. We
finish last 3 chapters of Genesis, and 7 of my students give an
optional oral presentation of their term papers. I bought them all a
‘chipati’, thick greasy tortilla, good! They gave me a nice card! Home
on the taxi about 9pm. Met Eddy on the taxi, he is a Marketing major.
We talked about it, and I said, “I am in marketing too, I market
Jesus!” He said he was protestant, and I asked, “are you born again”.
He was not sure, which meant, no. So, I shared the plan of salvation,
and he prayed on the taxi to receive Jesus as his Savior! When I got
home, Bonnie was getting to pray with her 5 friends that ate dinner
with her.

Saturday- catch the taxi at 8am to meet guys for Bible study/soccer at
8:30. They show up about 9:15 (we have had friends come 2 hours late
for dinner!). We walk to the field (2 miles), and we are studying
John. We are now in chapter 3, about being born again! 3 of the young
men (most are 18-22) asked Jesus into their hearts! Soccer was fun
too, even won! On the way back, we stopped at one guy’s mom’s
“restaurant” for lunch. Cost $1, and I could not eat it all! Teach 2
classes, 2 hours each, Bonnie taught one, and then spoke at the Ladies
study after wards. Home after 8pm. Eat dinner.

Sunday- leave at 7am, pick up pastor and drive to church (yeah, now I
drive, but not much). Go to one service, counsel during another, they
also prayed for us at each service as we go, then we teach an adult
class (between 25-50), more cards, and more ‘chipati’ too. We rush
out, with 3 friends to prepare for a Student/Singles Fellowship at our
home for 30! We did Mexican, they put everything on the tortillas,
cabbage, pasta, just roll it up! I spoke on dating! After wards, they
asked questions for an hour! Then we laughed playing some fun games,
ie, water balloon toss, eating contest, etc! Then back in for dessert
and worship/prayer. We sang and prayed for a sweet hour or more. They
left about 8ish… thankful for help to clean up!

We will miss everyone here, and hope to return soon. Our next
assignment is Mexico, Ensenada/Rosarito for Aug-Dec (visitors?) and
back to Uganda in Jan or next Aug?
We will be teaching in Ensenada, but living in Rosarito, helping our
friend Mike, who pastors the church there (we have visited him many
times). The church is both Mexican and American, so, we will be
working with both groups, equipping the saints to do the work of the
ministry! He has big plans for us and we are excited! This church has
growth from about 12 when we first went to about 500-600 now?

Monica is off to Costa Rica! God gave her all the $, we are amazing,
and thankful to many of YOU! Danny gets to work as manager of the cafe
for his internship! So he does not have to deal with that after he is
married, but can get a ‘real’ job. He and Sarah will be living near
Napa at least until Christmas I think?

We need house sitting July 23- Aug 24 in SB. If you are going on
vacation or know someone that needs house, pets looked after, we would
love too. We will have both kids with us!

Lost our free storage, anyone have space in SLO or SB for a year or ?
We had a free garage, but not after July 15, it will save us $135 a
month if you can help? We may get a ‘pod’, but still would need a
place to store it.

This has been an amazing time. Thanks for all your prayers, emails and
support. We look forward to seeing you and sharing too. If you have a
group that would like to hear some fun stories, let us know, for the
glory of Jesus!


May 28, 2015  WE’RE BACK IN UGANDA!!!!

We are ALL doing well (some sickness on the team, but better now). Super busy, LOTS of open doors, great to see old friends and make new ones. The people here are AWESOME. I speak 11 times in the next 3 days, PRAY. Bonnie has been gone all day, now 10pm, still gone. The other 3 went on a short safari, back Sat pm. KEEP PRAYING. ENJOY the photos!




2 Responses to “Uganda 09&15”

  1. lillian nalubiri February 6, 2013 at 8:09 am #

    it was great to have you! hope u come back soon!!!!!!!

  2. Davies M. Arthur May 13, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    we had a great time with you Jeff and Bonnie. You were such a blessing!. God continually bless you.

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