Israel 14

August 14, 2014
Shalom, Jerusalem in 5 days!
You are probably jealous, or think we are crazy? We ARE excited. We move our stuff into storage (bad news, we have to find a new place when we return) on Sat (got a great crew lined up). see pic below. We leave after services on Sunday to visit Monica in San Diego and one last surf. Monday we head to my folks, and Tuesday to LAX for a 14.5 hour direct flight!
PRAY- get all done.
         – safety
         – great semester of Bible College here in Rosarito AND in Jerusalem.
        – we would be full of Holy Spirit consistently!
Love you, thanks for SENDING us!
(if you missed something, check our blog below)
“Hasta que todo el mundo lo conozca”,
Until the whole world knows!
Jeff Johnson <///><
SB park
Aug 30, 201410641134_10204001812378195_841046735733840095_n


  Short version:
* We’ve been in Jerusalem directing the bible college for one week.
* Big news with Danny and Sarah’s foster situation.
* Monica teaching at a public charter school with Hebrew immersion.
* Thanks for praying for us, supporting us and writing us!
Long Version:
   We made it to Jerusalem safely and are having a great first week! We got here two days before the students to plan the semester and all the trips for the students. We live in a hotel in the old city of Jerusalem near the Jaffa gate. It is really great we can walk to the church we have classes at and the local Jewish and Arab markets as well. Our students are great and have settled in to life here. We have toured the old city and walked on top of the wall. I have organized cooking teams  and taken them to the markets to shop for food.
   We were having our praise and worship night outside of the city wall a few nights ago with our students and we saw 2 missiles shot down by the iron dome! It is crazy but we do feel safe here and know God is in control Keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem: Psalm 122:6.
   Jeff is teaching a 2 week block class on the Life of David and next week we will be going to the place David battled Goliath and where David hid in the cave. It will be fun to visit the sites as we teach. The rest of the semester we will study the life of Jesus and take the students to all the places Jesus was as well.
   Our students have been wonderful so far and have been helping lead worship and chapel each day! Thanks for praying for us here in Jerusalem!
   Almost two weeks ago, Danny and Sarah were reunited with their first foster daughter, Lucca (now 10 months old), along with her 4 year old sister, Ayla. They are thrilled to have the girls, although it’s bittersweet that they needed a home again. Baby Capri, who they had for 5 weeks, is now with another wonderful foster family.

So far everyone is adjusting well, but they would love prayer, especially for Danny and Sarah to have patience and wisdom in this unique parenting situation. 

   Monica got a new job at a public school teaching 3rd grade. It is a Hebrew Immersion school. Each class studies a city in Israel and Monica’s class has Jerusalem.. Isn’t that cool that we are over here! 
   Thanks again for your prayers and love for us.  We do love to pray for you so write me back with any prayer requests ok It would make me so happy!!!  

   (I have more photos on Facebook!)
October 2014
Boker Tov, (Good morning in Hebrew), صباح الخير (Sabah al-khair- Arabic),
    What an amazing 6 weeks we have had, and only 1/2 done! We have been to the Western Wall, Mt of Olives, Via Dolorosa, Garden of Gethsemane, climbed Masada, swam in Engedi, and the Sea of Galilee (were we camped and rode bikes around it!), floated in the dead sea​ (photo)​, baptized in the Jordan river​ (photo)​, been to Gideon’s spring, toured the Holocaust Museum, seen the valley of Armageddon, and SO MUCH more! We live INSIDE the old city, right next to the Jaffa Gate.

    One of the photos attached is from the Garden of Gethsemane, towards the East wall around the temple Mt area. If you look carefully, you can see where the Golden Gates have been WALLED in. The bible indicates that Jesus may return through these gates, so they have been walled in to prevent His return! Also, they put a cemetery in front of the gates, because a good Jew would not want to defile himself. Amazing the amount of faith they show in the Scriptures (Muslims do not believe Jesus died, therefore, He did not rise, but only ascended!), but they have no idea what OUR GOD can & WILL DO one day. I hope they will know Him soon! We have been able to pray with one Arab & one Jew to receive Jesus! Pray

​ for them to grow​!
   ​  The students​ are such a delight to be with! We studied the life of David the first 2 weeks ​(photo of classroom!) ​& the rest of the semester we study the life of Christ. The students are great with all the cooking​,​ chores, and​ helping lead worship​/​chapel each day!
PRAY– that God have HIS way with us & the students.
         – that more people get saved!
        – praying about going to a refuge camp in Jordan during the travel week?
Love you, thanks for SENDING us! (enjoy the photos!)


SHALOM from Jerusalem,
Thanks to all of you who are a part of what we do here, by praying, giving, encouraging us! We came here to not only be a blessing to our students, but to the people of Israel, Jew or Arab! What is cool, is the students care about the same thing. Together we are being used with the management of the hotel (the owner feeds us FREE dinner once every week. We prepare a worship song, that he enthusiastically enjoys!), to local business owners, & to local churches. Continue to pray that our last 2 weeks would be the best!
For 8 weeks we study the Life of Christ, and have been ALL OVER Jerusalem, often teaching ON SITE! Amazing. God has blessed us with good teachers, including Pastor Fernando (& wife Liliana) from Rosarito, Mexico, who are here right now! All the teaching is in English, but I have spoken other places and been translated into Russian, Hebrew, and Arabic! I will speak at Bethlehem Bible College this Thursday at their chapel, and all our students will come, share a testimony, a song, and eat with the students! Pray! We also all ate a ‘shabot’ dinner at the home of a rabbi!
Next week, most of us will travel to Jordan, for 6 days, spend a day at Petra, then visit refugees in Amman from Syria & Iraq, and visit children who are victims of violence in a hospital. Many of these people are more open to the gospel than they have ever been! Pray that God would use us in miraculous ways!
We will be back on Nov 20, and sleep in Mexico that evening. Also, we need to find new housing in Mexico, pray for wisdom to rent or maybe even buy something?
PRAY– that God have HIS way with us & the students.
         – that more people get saved!
         –  going to a refuge camp in Jordan
         – pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It is NOT peaceful very often. Ps 122:6
Love you, thanks for SENDING us! (enjoy the photos!)
us back us front speak Alliance lunch Chris Becca kitchen fun group s steps dinner Fadi con Serranos

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