Spain 08

Calvary Chapel Bible College Mallorca

SLIDESHOW from our time in Mallorca, Spain! CHECK IT OUT!!!

Pray for Jeff & Bonnie in Mallorca!

Aug. 2008

Dear Friends,

Hola! Mallorca here we come!  Another chapter begins in our journey. Germany was awesome! Much better than we even hoped. So good in fact, that we cannot see ourselves doing anything but full time ministry. Bonnie and I want to say a big THANK YOU to all who prayed for us, and supported us. We fully believe that God was so faithful, and to Him be the glory. What I write next is for HIS glory, not ours!

As great as teaching was, it was probably about 1/2 of our ministry. We spent time with the students, eating 2 meals a day w/ them, hiking, biking, praying, counseling, etc. Bonnie and I each also discipled several students, which, as some of you know, is a special blessing! We did premarital counseling with 2 couples, and shared our notes with several pastors for their future use. We also did a food ministry, taking leftover food and sharing it with those less fortunate. I had the privilege of speaking almost 50 times outside of classes. We would often bring a team of students with us to help do ministry while at churches, etc. Even more exciting than that, was being able to give the students 8 opportunities to speak at the churches! Wow.

It has been a blessing to be home. We are both working full time, and enjoying our kids! We started a bible study w/ them and their friends, and have had up to 18 come! I have been working with the guys, as they are leading the studies! Bonnie is now discipling 4 ladies on how to disciple others. I have continued discipling a friend from work. I also started a prayer time at the office that has already been very positive! So God is doing some cool stuff while we are here!

We filled a temporary vacancy in Germany. So, we met w/ our pastor, Ricky Ryan, about where next? An email was sent, w/ a recommendation letter from our director in Germany, David Guzik, to several CCBC’s, that are located all over the world! With several wonderful choices, Mallorca, Spain, came out on top!

Our flight is Sept 4, and so we are now very busy! One of our main jobs is to raise financial and prayer support again. We do not get paid for teaching. We will need about $2500 per month, and airfares (which have gone up!). We will go for one semester, hoping to get a visa to stay for the 2nd one, returning home in June. Would you please prayerfully consider being on our prayer team and/or our ‘monthly’ support team? Our church will help some, but most of it will come from friends like you. Please let us know if you can help, and the address is below for support (tax deductible).

You are loved and we’ll miss you so much! We would be honored to pray for you too! Email us your prayer requests! OK?

Sept 08

Hola amigos y familia!

We had a great welcome to Mallorca.  After 23 hours of travel, we arrived to 90 degrees in the small town of Santa Ponsa.  Our 1st night we were greeted with fireworks at 12:30am.  That first week the music picked up at 2am- this place is hopping.

We live in a small flat about 25 minute walk from campus. There’s a beautiful bay between us and school, (the length of Butterfly Beach or Big Corona) so the walk and bike ride have been awesome.

Each day starts with a chapel service at 8:15, then classes begin. The students are great and really want to learn! It’s been a good adjustment so far but pray for us as we get to know the kids and see where we will get more involved. At home I love having a MIT group (prayer group for my own kids) I have met 4 ladies at church, Dutch, German, Icelandic, and English that all want to pray! I also prayed about getting deeper spiritually with a few gals and 2 gals have asked so far to be discipled! Yea! I am excited to be helping out in the Community Service class as well. More later!

The sea is 80 degrees, and this last week we swam across the bay with 10 students. When we got to the other side, I jumped off rocks 40-50 feet. What a blast, but my backside can still feel the jump! I am not as young as I used to be! Yesterday we had a school field trip to the other side of the Island, Formentor, see photo.  Jeff has been playing VB with some locals, and hopes to share Jesus with them soon! Pray.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support for us as we serve here at the Bible College. You have been so generous! Gracias! Pray for our health, I have a heat rash that’s really itchy! We love you and love to hear back from you, even if it is a few words. It means a lot to us that you take the time to say Hi. Also we want to pray for you so please give us your prayer requests! God bless you all. Adios!

Oct 08

Hola from magnificent Mallorca!  Summer is over, and the tourists are mostly gone.  Days are about 75, and water is 73. Our apt. is a 2 min. walk from the beach!  Bonnie’s backside and heat rash are now fine! There are many foreigners that have moved here full time; English and German are very common.  Live pics at click on cameras web on the left. 9 hr time change in case it is dark!  We are in Santa Ponsa, also near El Toro, as you scroll through.

The Calvary Chapel Bible Colleges are so cool.  “Kids” 18-40 come for 1-4 semesters to any of about 25 campuses around the world!  The experience/education is fabulous.  And, it only costs about $6200 a year, which includes room/board and tuition!  WOW! scroll down to CCBC, click on ‘extension campus’, then click on ‘extension campuses’ on left again, and see lots of options.

This semester I am teaching Genesis, and Inductive Bible Study (IBS).  Bonnie is teaching Ruth and Esther.  The 2nd week, one of the students was teaching in the chapel service.  He had been doing youth work all summer.  He spoke on the importance of spending time with Jesus, not just studying for a bible study, and how I talked about that in IBS class.  I need that reminder often too!

Last week we got to go back to Germany. God blessed. We stayed with special friends, I got to speak for the director, we ate dinner w/ our young married’s group (one couple moves soon to Croatia!), got to pray with lots of friends, and go to church and meet with Matthias (see photo). Pray for Petra, his wife, God is stirring in her life!

We are also doing discipleship, having people over for meals, leading worship, bike rides and ultimate Frisbee with the students.  Bonnie is helping with some community service projects too.  Pray as she tries to start a weekly Kids Klub in an apt complex. Four of my Spanish volleyball/basketball friends will come over this Sat for dinner. Bonnie’s good cooking opens doors! We hope to share Jesus with them. I have given 2 of them stuff to read in Spanish. Pray for this, ok? The students love a ‘mom’ cooked meal, and we get to play games and pray with them too!  We asked you to pray for our involvement, and we would love you to continue this please.  We may lead a 4 week marriage seminar?

We need some house sitting in January in Santa Barbara, please email us if you know anything!

Thanks to all who have sent us emails, keep them coming, we love them, and YOU! Also, keep sending prayer requests, we are praying!  Enjoy the photos!

Nov 08

Hola again our dear praying friends,
Fire! We often pray for spiritual fire. Well, the BIG fire in Santa Barbara was within 2 houses of our home! Thankfully it survived! We  are praying for you all in SB. We pray we would all be “on fire” forJesus! Rev. 3:15
Thanks for praying for the retreat. It was quite the adventure. We had a great time with my VB friends for dinner. We have had several conversations about a personal relationship with the Lord. A week ago, 5 of them came to church with us! God is working, so keep praying, especially for Mari Carmen, and Manolo. Bonnie will be getting together with Mari Carmen this week for lunch to talk about spiritual things.  Dinners continue to be fun and meaningful. We have students and locals over about 2x a week! Pray that Tony and Eira will be able to come over soon, our property managers! They just got married after living together 14 years! Cool! Kids Club was also something we asked for prayers about. After many weeks of waiting, Bonnie decided, it is time, let’s just “do it”. We have met 2x so far, and the 5 kids (all neighborhood kids) who came both weeks, really love it.  It is all in Spanish.  Leave it to Bonnie to lead a club in a language she can not speak! She has just started a weekly hike with one of the kids mom (who speaks English!) and hopes to share Jesus with her.
Our teaching is going great. Super fun kids, and it is always amazing teaching the scriptures. We are both still discipling students. This Sunday, I get to teach at the local Salvation Army Church. The pastor there also happens to surf, and I did get to go one day! Fun.
Life here has changed a lot. Almost all the restaurants are closed, even McDonald’s.  63 is now a warm day, and the water is cold!
Please continue to pray for Petra, in Germany. I got the most amazing email from her just last night! Spiritual warfare battles!
This semester has been very different from the last one. God is working, and changing us, and others too. But it has been a bit discouraging as well. When we came here, we planned on doing 2 semesters. After arriving, we slowly understood that was never the directors plan. So, we have been making the most of the opportunity, and seeking Him for next January. Doors are now open for Italy, Mexico (Ensenada), and maybe Uganda and Hungry too! All CCBC’s. We will go wherever He sends us. Please pray. The next semester starts at the end of January. We will be with our kids and family in Newport for Christmas and Palm Springs for New Years with Bonnie’s family. We would love to come to Santa Barbara in January before we leave again. If you know of any house sitting jobs for January let us know. Our kids will be in SLO.  Pets R great too.
Danny and Monica are doing great at college. We miss them a lot but love getting to talk and see them on Skype.
We love you and love to hear back from you, even if it is a few words. It means a lot to us that you take the time to say Hi. Also we want to pray for you so please give us your prayer requests! We appreciate those of you who have supported us $ too.  God bless you all. Vayan con Dios!
PS. enjoy the pictures! (more on my facebook)

Dec 08

Hola Amigos y La Familia,

Thank you for all your emails and we appreciate your concern for us and our home in SB. Your prayers and support $ for us here is wonderful. Only 9 days left. We are teaching our last week and then giving finals. Danny and Monica are taking finals this week in SLO. Can you pray for them with us?

A few answers to prayer: We had Tony and Eira (our property managers) over for dinner and got to pray with them. One of my kids club girls, Yasmine, asked Jesus in her heart last week and we have had several new kids come too! Manolo has become a good friend with Jeff, and they continue to talk about Jesus. He is also discipling Sasha, a German student. (see pic) We also got to pray with Jenny to receive Jesus in her life this week!

Our big answer to prayer is where we will go next semester.  Requests have come in from Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Uganda and Israel. God has been leading us to go to Uganda! Lord willing we will leave the end of Jan. There is another Calvary Chapel Bible College there and we will be teaching as well as helping out at the church. The college is over 90% nationals and they speak English so we can easily teach them. Will you pray for us as we prepare for this new move.

Mallorca has been a beautiful place to live, but most of all we will miss the people here. I have hiked each week with a Swedish mom from my kids club, and gal from Iceland. My prayer group (MIT) has Dutch, Scottish and English gals in it. My tennis partners are from Mexico, Canada, Guam and Mallorca!  You can see it is very multicultural here. They have been such a blessing to be with.

Jeff and I have been meeting with a newly married couple, and having a great time! We climbed a mtn peak with them. (see pic) When we got back to the car, the clutch had died. For the next 10 miles we coasted and pushed the VW Golf! A day to remember! The car never drove again, next stop for the car, the dump!

We will send our Christmas photo and letter in Jan. after we get home, but we would still love to get your Christmas cards! Our mailing address is at Jeff’s folks.

1914 Altura Dr.

Corona del Mar, CA 92625

      Our flight arrives on Dec 18th and we will be in CdM with Jeff’s folk’s. We will go to Palm Springs to be with my family Dec 27-30th.  Then we’ll be heading for Santa Barbara in Jan, helping at our church, and leave for Uganda at the end of the month. We still need house sitting in SB Jan 2nd – 15th.  If you know of someone leaving and wanting someone to stay, let us know.

Our phone #’s  Bonnie’s cell 805-403-3186   Jeff’s cell 805-450-6859

We can’t wait to see you all and give you big hugs! Thanks for those of you who pray and are giving. The address for donations is:                                                                                                                  CCSB

1 N. Calle Cesar Chavez #21

Santa Barbara, Ca 93103

Memo:Johnson Mission

     Feliz Navidad! Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season. Here are some photos of us!


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